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August 5, 2010

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Well, it didn’t last long.  After sleeping like a baby last night, here I am again at 1:45am sitting out on our deck.  After almost 3 hours of tossing and turning I decided to let Suz sleep in peace.  I’m pretty sure she woke up when I got out of bed, and it’ll cause her to worry once again.  She was so elated after my full night’s sleep yesterday, I was tempted to pretend to sleep the night through just to avoid her concern.  But I needed some fresh air — lying in that bed sleeplessly any longer was going to drive me crazy.

When insomnia first hit me several weeks ago I thought it was a temporary thing, and I turned to over the counter sleep aids.  I’m not a big fan of taking pills, but I read up on them and for occasional use most every authoritative site I researched said that they were ok.  However, for me — they weren’t.  For some reason, over the counter sleep aids caused me horrific nightmares — so bad that I’d awake screaming scaring the heck out of my wife and kids.  Also, for the entire next day after I took sleeping pills I was incredibly dazed, fatigued and confused.  It was even worse than after being up the whole night without any sleep at all.  Also, for almost a day after taking over the counter sleep aids I couldn’t drink enough water — no matter how much I drank my mouth remained bone dry.

I tried both types of over the counter sleep aids — those containing Diphenhydramine and ones containing Doxylamine.  Neither were good, but the second type did not produce side effects as severe as the first.  Right now, I’m so disappointed that my insomnia returned after a beautiful night’s sleep last night that I’m willing to try an over the counter sleep aid again.  I’m going to try a different brand containing Doxylamine than I tried initially a few weeks ago, and I really hope it works.  I really need at least a few hours of sleep tonight, or I’m going to be completely worthless at tomorrow’s (or today’s I should say now that it is 2:00am) staff meeting.  There is a 24 hour drugstore a few blocks down the street — surely the over the counter sleep aids aisle will be a lively place at 2am.  Maybe I can make some new insomniac friends.

Part of me is scared that pills will work ok for me — most of what I read warns about how addictive they can be.  Assuming they can work for me — what road will that lead down?  I really wanted to stay away from pills, but as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…..

Having hope in Doxylamine,


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Garen August 23, 2011 at 3:01 am

This OTC sleeping aids are bad news. I know they all say non habit forming, but that is reall a big lie. In the long term they are going to hurt you more than help you. In fact, in some cases people will build up a massive tolerace and increase their dosage only to starting seeing things. Very scary!

Honestly, I would encourage you to talk to a doctor and work on another way to get a good nights sleep.



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