Best Ways of Treating Sleep Apnea

November 18, 2010

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Hi CantSleep Readers,

It’s Barnaby, and I just wanted to pop in to address some questions I’ve recently been receiving from loyal CantSleep readers. Many who believe that they suffer from sleep apnea have asked about all sorts of bizarre cures they’ve read about online. First and foremost, it is important to point out that only a qualified health care professional can accurately diagnose and devise the appropriate course of treating sleep apnea for your personal instance. That being said, there are some purported cures that are absolute nonsense. I’ve seen advice ranging from hanging upsidedown from a bar for 20 minutes before sleep, eating 10oz of dark chocolate each night (a bogus cure, but sounds fun anyway!) or using black sheets only. All of these are Internet myths, and they will not prove to be an effective way of treating sleep apnea.

The appropriate way for treating sleep apnea depends upon the type of sleep apnea you were diagnosed with. For some, losing weight is key towards treating sleep apnea. Others can benefit by using a better pillow and/or changing their sleeping posture. Treating sleep apnea in some instances requires a CPAP mask. In the most severe cases, treating sleep apnea can involve surgical intervention. As I indicated, treating sleep apnea effectively can only be done by a qualified health provider, so if you are suffering from sleep apnea symptoms you should seek help immediately.

As for my own sleep problems — they are getting much better. My hypnotherapy sessions are continuing, and the past week or so have been relatively insomnia-free. I don’t want to get my hopes too high seeing I’ve experienced prior remissions from my insomnia, but I think maybe this time it might be for good. I’ll update everyone again soon!


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