Common Migraine Headaches Symptoms

September 17, 2010

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Hi everyone – Barnaby here again.

I wanted to thank everyone again for all the suggestions and advice sent in to me by CantSleep’s readers. One reader recently pointed out that migraine headaches can often be the cause of insomnia. I do occasionally get headaches, so this prompted me to research what constitutes migraine headaches symptoms. The following are the most salient migraines headaches symptoms:

– Moderate to severe pain effecting either one or both sides of the head
– Head pain which increases with physical exertion
– Nausea which accompanies head pain
– Head pain of a throbbing nature
– Strong sensitivity to light and/or sound

There can actually be migraine headaches symptoms which occur prior to the onset of a migraine headache. These precursors to a migraine are termed “aura’s”, and they can include:

– A craving for candy or other sweets
– Drowsiness
– Insatiable thirst
– Feelings of depression

After perusing these migraine headaches symptoms and auras, I determined that I was not suffering from migraines. However, some of you might have insomnia which results from migraine headaches, and in order to ascertain this it is necessary to be fluent with the above list of migraine headaches symptoms. Seeing that migraines weren’t the cause of my insomnia, my quest for the cause — and cure — for my chronic insomnia. Hopefully this will come soon.

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