Common Symptoms of Clinical Depression

August 22, 2010

in Depression, Sleep-affecting Disorders

Clinical depression is a serious condition which afflicts a substantial number of us, yet many are unable to recognize the symptoms of clinical depression. Everyone has occasion to feel “depressed” or sad — that is a part of the human condition. However, those afflicted with clinical depression experience these emotions with severe intensity and for extended periods of time. This often leads to dysfunction, and in the worst circumstances to suicide. There are effective treatments for clinical depression, but without first recognizing the symptoms of clinical depression they can not be used.

Clinical depression expresses itself differently within various people. Common symptoms of clinical depression include extended feelings of hopelessness or helplessness. More subtle symptoms of clinical depression include the inability to make decisions, forgetfulness and lack of concentration. Obviously, many of us experience these symptoms occasionally as a part of everyday life, however, when they become pronounced and chronic it might point to a diagnosis of clinical depression. Another facet within symptoms of clinical depression is a loss of interest in hobbies, work — or even sex.

Clinical depression has been tied to insomnia, and the inability to fall asleep could be a symptom of clinical depression. Your appetite can also be a telltale when it comes to clinical depression. Either sudden weight loss, or alternatively weight gain, can both be symptoms of clinical depression. Most all of these symptoms can also be associated with other conditions — or just be a phase not relating to any disease at all. In the end, only a qualified professional can make an accurate diagnosis of clinical depression. However, it is up to you to notice the initial signs and know when possible symptoms of clinical depression are present warranting further examination.

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