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June 14, 2010

in Sleep Apnea, Sleeping Disorders

Research has shown that a majority of us have at least occasional trouble when attempting to fall asleep fast. Whether you have periodic or chronic insomnia, there are solutions available which prove far more effective than counting sheep. For those experiencing temporary bouts of insomnia, there are a plethora of over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aids which can allow you to fall asleep fast. These pills do not require a prescription, and studies have shown that they can be used safely and effectively for limited duration. However, even the best OTC sleep aids can become addictive, and they should not be used to treat chronic insomnia.

Some have trouble falling asleep because they — or their partners — are afflicted by snoring. There are several easy fixes when it comes to snoring including strips which facilitate the flow of air through the nose and sleeping techniques which lower the odds of snores ensuing. Simple environmental issues can prove to be the culprits behind your failure to get to sleep. Noise, light and temperature can all prevent sleep, and the easiest first step for those desiring to fall asleep fast is to ensure a dark, quiet and cool setting within your sleep space.

There can be more serious causes behind the inability to fall asleep fast. One such example is sleep apnea which entails brief periods of breathing cessation which occur sporadically throughout the night. Not only does sleep apnea ensure a night of tossing and turning, but it also can lead to more serious adverse health effects including cardiovascular issues. Those suffering from sleep apnea can find relief via changing their sleeping position, losing weight or using a variety of devices on the market aimed at combating this condition.

No matter what the reason behind your inability to fall asleep fast, there is an effective treatment. The first requisite step is to identify the particular issue behind your sleep issues. With this knowledge you are better able to select the best solution geared for your particular sleep issue. There is no reason to continue tossing and turning each night — there is a cure out there which will allow you to fall asleep fast.

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