Hypnotherapy As A Sleep Treatment

October 11, 2010

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Hello CantSleep readers,

It’s Barnaby here, and I’d like to continue my discussion about hypnotherapy as a sleep treatment. As I disclosed in my last post here, I’ve decided to focus on hypnotherapy as a potential solution for my chronic insomnia. I just had my second session with my therapist, Sharon. Afterwards, she had a few spare moments, and we discussed the history of hypnotherapy and how it works. I was fascinated to find out that the use of hypnotherapy dates back thousands of years all the way back to the ancient Sumerians. Although it has been used for thousands of years, science has yet to figure out exactly how it works. Sharon explained that much of how the human brain functions is still an utter mystery. One of the most important functions — necessary for life itself — is the brain’s ability to regulate your sleep cycle.

Those with chronic insomnia like us often have a really hard time pinpointing the exact cause of our sleep problems. This results in a quest for a sleep treatment entailing myriad tests and almost a trial and error methodology of solving the issue. Unfortunately, in my case, it has been all errors during my trials. Nothing I have tried so far has worked, but my hopes are high that hypnotherapy might prove to be an effective sleep treatment in my case. Sharon conceded that many who benefit from hypnotherapy do so because of the placebo effect. This relates to the power of the human mind to cure a malady — purely from the belief that a sleep treatment you are using will work. For this reason, I am keeping a positive outlook, and I am convincing myself that hypnotherapy will prove to be an effective sleep treatment for my insomnia. Candidly, I don’t care if my results are from the placebo effect or actually from the hypnotherapy itself. Just so long as it works allowing me to begin getting a full night’s sleep, I will be happy.

I’ll be back soon to report my results,


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