Insomnia: An Increasing Problem in the 21st Century

March 28, 2010

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As people’s lives become more hectic, the problem of insomnia becomes more problematic. It is surely not a new thing; people have suffered from occasional insomnia throughout history. The problem with today’s fast paced world is many people go to bed too exhausted to sleep or they are unable to turn their brains off so they can relax. Today’s fast paced world is creating a world full of insomniacs which in turn is causing health issues for many people. A lack of proper sleep first and foremost will reduce the immune’s system’s ability to fight off infection thus leaving the body susceptible to any number of illnesses.

What causes so many people to suffer from insomnia? We already mentioned the fact that people go to bed when they are too exhausted. This prevents the body from relaxing and also keeps the brain from slowing down and allowing the body to rest. What is the answer to this dilemma? One of the things that is very important is to allow yourself time to relax before going to bed. Instead of working and expecting to come home and going right to bed you will need time to “wind down.” At the same time you also need to go to bed at approximately the same time every night. One of the problems people have with sleep is “confusing” the body because the sleep schedule lacks consistency.

Another problem that plagues some people is becoming accustomed to taking something to help them sleep. When you get into the habit of taking something to help you sleep it becomes difficult for the body to sleep otherwise. This is how many people become addicted to sleeping aids—they are unable to sleep otherwise, so they develop the habit of taking something every night instead of trying to fall asleep on their own. While some sleep aids are natural and do not cause addiction or dependency, there are many that do. It is much better to try more natural methods such as a warm bath or some light exercise. Some people also find it helpful to do some reading before trying to fall asleep.

There are easy ways for even the worst insomniacs to get a good night’s sleep. The following are some of the things you can do to reduce your bouts of insomnia:

  • If you are a smoker this can also have a detrimental affect on your ability to fall asleep, especially if you smoke right before going to bed.
  • Make sure your room is not too cold or too warm—many people make the mistake of thinking they need to be “toasty” to sleep and then wonder why they have trouble sleeping.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals right before going to bed. At the same time do not attempt to go to bed hungry. Either one will cause you problems falling asleep.
  • Do not do anything strenuous right before going to bed. If you have to work late allow yourself time to relax before you attempt to go to sleep.

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maggie May 8, 2010 at 1:09 am

i cant sleep either. im young and am always hyper. even though i cant sleep, they call me hyper and wide awake. i dont need sleep anymore. get a max of 2 hours a night, normally less


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