Insomnia Causes Come In Many Forms

July 1, 2010

in Insomnia, Sleeping Disorders

The vast majority of us experience at least occasional insomnia — rare is the individual who can quickly and easily fall asleep every night. Everyday stresses, big upcoming events or excess caffeine can all be insomnia causes, and periodic bouts of it can be easily treated with lifestyle changes or over-the-counter sleeping pills. However, some suffer chronic insomnia which can prove to be a serious impediment to leading an active life. Chronic insomnia causes can be biological, psychological or environmental. Identifying the insomnia causes behind your sleepless nights is the most important first step allowing for selection of the correct treatment regimen.

Within the psychological realm of insomnia causes are anxiety, stress and depression. Those who suffer from depression often have chronic insomnia as a symptom which creates a vicious circle of the lack of sleep further exacerbating the depression. Psychological conditions which contribute to insomnia can often be treated by therapy or pharmaceuticals. Biological insomnia causes can include underlying conditions and diseases which prevent a full nights sleep. Sleep apnea is a prominent biological insomnia cause, and this condition can be treated with a variety of techniques.

Environmental insomnia causes can be as simple as an uncomfortable bed or pillow, or sleeping conditions which are noisy or not sufficiently dark. Addressing these environmental insomnia causes is often quite easy, and simple behavior changes can do the trick. Some behaviors like excessive caffeine consumption can contribute to biological insomnia causes, and this also can be addressed by changing the offending behavior. Although insomnia has many causes, the net result for all sufferers include daytime drowsiness, inability to concentrate and poor school or work performance. Consequently, identifying the insomnia causes behind your particular case is critical in order to prevent these often debilitating effects of insomnia.

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