Is your baby having trouble sleeping? Sounds for Silence can help

July 13, 2009

in Infants, Sleeping Tips

Sounds for Silence is a baby settling program with soundtracks and a health guide, developed by Pediatrician, Dr Harry Zehnwirth.

Sounds for Silence is safe, easy, fast and effective, successfully soothing 90% of babies, 50% in less than a minute. The baby-specific soundtracks, that are dramatically different to lullabies, combine layers low-pitch, everyday domestic noises and physiological sounds that mimic the womb. Recall the sounds during a pre-natal ultrasound and it makes perfect sense.

The Sounds for Silence package includes a health guide with practical information on health and settling issues. It cuts through the myths on settling with reliable expert information and is all parents need to know before they start to panic.

Sounds for Silence has been developed by Dr Zehnwirth using over 25 years of specialist Pediatric experience. All the knowledge and understanding of what makes babies cry and how to soothe them culminate in this wonderful package.

It meets the needs of parents and young babies everywhere. It has been embraced internationally and has become the benchmark for settling babies in Australia over the past 5 years.

Sounds for Silence is comforting for babies and reassuring for parents – the multi-award winning essential baby settling program.

More information is available on the website at:

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Sarah July 16, 2009 at 6:54 pm

My friend got one at a store called whipper snappers not long ago and loves it.


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