Jaw pain and sleep

July 30, 2009

in Sleeping Disorders

I suffer from TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) which is a popping and clicking of the joint of the jaw. TMJ can cause a wide variety of symptoms such as headache, dizziness, severe migraine, and considerable jaw pain. Severe sleeping disorders can develop due to this very common condition. You may find it hard to get and stay comfortable or you may wake up with extreme pain in your jaw here are some tips to minimize these problems:

1. Advil relieves more inflammation than other over the counter pain medicines (when you’re feeling pain from TMJ it’s inflammation of the jaw muscles consult a pharmacist for more info

2. Get a exercise regimen from your doctor i.e. jaw stretching

3. Night guards may help minimize the stress on your teeth; however, I know several people who managed to bite clean threw their bite plate at night.

4. There are surgical options to correct congenital jaw malformations.

5. Orthodontics

6. Modifying the way you chew your food

Avoiding certain behaviors can minimize your TMJ & sleep related problems. Such as avoiding Alcohol or Stimulants this can reduce the severity of your TMJ. It’s proven that excessive amounts of stimulants for example caffeine and alcohol before sleep can intensify some symptoms.

I was instructed by a health care provider when I try to sleep I should start on my back. Place the tip of my tongue gently behind the front teeth. Some people find it helpful to start off in this position. I place large pillows or cushions along both sides of my head, that may help keep me from rolling over to my side.

Avoid sleeping on your side Try cradling your head, or putting your arm under it so the pressure is not on the jaw joint; however, just this method can cause some people to experience jaw aching.

I recently heard that there was a supplement on the market that was helping a lot of people. It’s called ‘natural calm plus calcium’ I believe it dissolves in water and you take it before bed. I am going to try this stuff before I recommend it. I will give it a month trial run before I post a review on the message board.

Bill Hanson

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