Ode To Insomnia Relief

August 2, 2010

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Hi everyone — Barnaby here.  Today is one of the happiest days for me in recent memory.  If you read my postings yesterday you’ll remember I was highly stressed and under the gun to write an important proposal.  I finished the RFP with only minutes to spare, and then we dropped the kids with Suz’s mom and went for a really nice romantic dinner.  We returned home at around 10:00pm, and by 10:30 I was actually asleep!  For the first time in what seems now to be forever, I slept right through the night and was awoken by my alarm at 7:00 — over 8 full hours! Now I arrive to the office to see that my proposal won the contract.  Life is good.  I’m not sure what caused my sudden insomnia relief, but I hope it lasts.  For now, I’m so happy that I’m going to indulge in my first ever published poem:

Ode To Insomnia Relief

by: Barnaby

Night after night without a wink of sleep
Made me so sad that I wanted to weep

Coming to work each day fatigued and tired
Was really getting worried I was gonna be fired

Having a short temper with both my kids and my wife
Insomnia can truly wreck almost every phase of your life

Sleeping pills caused me to have horrible nightmares
Nothing would work, not even sincere bedtime prayers

It was getting to the point that I could no longer cope
Night after sleepless night, I was about to give up hope

However, last night was almost beyond my belief
To my astonishment came sudden insomnia relief

I’m really hoping that my gut feeling is right
That I’ll get another 8 hours deep sleep tonight

Exuberant and refreshed,


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