Risk of sleeping pills and the alternatives

November 8, 2008

in Sleeping Pills

Insomnia is a serious problem and should be dealt with using natural solutions rather than resorting to sleeping pills. Slight changes in your sleeping habits and lifestyle could help equally well. All you need is a little effort and patience and try not to resort to short-cuts which cause more harm than good.

There are a number of people who can’t sleep at all sometimes or most of the time or cannot go back to sleep once they get up in the middle of their sleep. When a person finds it difficult to sleep, doctors diagnose this situation as ‘Sleep Apnea’ or ‘Insomnia’. Sleep Apnea is a breathing disorder and the doctor will be able to help you deal with it using breathing techniques. However in the case of insomnia due to uncertain causes it may take a while before the actual cause is determined and you are treated for it. The usual reaction of sleep deprived people is to turn to sleeping pills without realizing that they run the risk of becoming sleeping pills addictive. Though the market is flooded with sleeping pills such as Zaleplo, Zolpidem or Ambien, Temazepum and Benzodiazepine they are not the permanent solution to sleep problems.

Of all the different types of sleeping pills available in the market Ambien has gained considerable popularity among those who just can’t sleep no matter what they do. Although sleeping pills provide a short term solution to the problem, not many care to find out more about the associated problems of long term usage. People, who regularly use these types of sleeping pills may get temporary relief but often become highly irritable, develop frequent mood swings, especially if they do not get their regular dose. They become sleeping pills addictive, without even realizing the fact. Sometimes these pills produce scary and intense hallucinations in some people. Even a light overdose of such pills can make the user slip into a coma. Many deaths have also been reported, resulting from the accidental overdose of sleeping pills.

Undoubtedly, sleeping pills are harmful for the body. You need to take the warning “some risk of dependency”, normally found in all the advertisements describing sleeping pills a little more seriously. Doctors will also not prescribe sleeping pills for mild insomnia. If the problem is not too serious you could even try some over the counter cough and cold medicine that acts as a mild sedative and is sufficient to take care of minor sleep problems unless the sleep is being disturbed by other underlying issues. If insomnia lasts for over a month and no simple remedies help then it is recommended to seek professional help.

It is advisable to try alternatives or more natural methods of getting sleep rather than reaching out for a sleeping pill every time you miss a few winks. You could join one of the natural sleep programs, which take into account your lifestyle, your sleeping environment and eating habits. In these programs they teach you some natural sleeping aids, which are not only safe but also non-habit forming. The best part of these natural aids is that they are free from any harmful side effects unlike sleeping pills. Sometimes insomnia is the result of certain psychological issues. In such cases, meditation or counseling can help you overcome stress, restlessness, anxiety and depression, which usually interferes with normal sleep patterns.

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Simplyme November 11, 2008 at 6:10 am

I agree completely with this article. As a long time sufferer of sleeping issues I find that I can get far better and more natural sleep with alternative methods versus pills and prescriptions.


skatss November 11, 2008 at 10:52 am

I agree that pills aren’t good for people to use but I have to admit that I do use them. I’ve never had a problem falling asleep until recently and that is because I worry about some problems that have happened during the last three years. If I don’t take a pill I’d be up all night crying. The pill I use calms me down and helps my brain shut down. I’d much rather not take any medication but I wouldn’t sleep at all without the pill I do take.


Robin Green November 12, 2008 at 3:57 pm

I agree. I try anything else before picking up a pill. My doctor has even told me I am too paranoid about medication. With all the side effects that come along with these pills, who would not be paranoid about taking them.


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