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November 11, 2010

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Hi CantSleep,

It’s Barnaby, and I’d like to share some interesting tidbits I learned from my hypnotherapist, Sharon. Sleep disorders insomnia, narcolepsy and others are among the most intriguing ailments suffered by us. Very little is known about the human brain, and even more mysterious are our sleep and dreams. Although much remains unknown about sleep, it is known that without it, we can not live. Sleep — and dreams, too — are necessary for a person to live. Sadly, in some of the severest sleep disorders insomnia people who can not sleep for long durations can entail a fatal result. These cases are extremely rare, and the vast majority of sleep disorders insomnia cases are relatively mild. Nonetheless, I can attest from personal experience that even moderate insomnia can truly impinge upon one’s life.

I have been experiencing sleep issues for several months now, and I have tried sleep aids, changing my sleep environment and a whole list of other potential sleep treatments. My test ruled out sleep apnea, and a professional ruled out the possibility of clinical depression. Recently, I turned to hypnotherapy for help, and my therapist Sharon has been great. Today she was telling me about a patient who suffers from narcolepsy. She advised him that hypnotherapy has not been shown to help narcolepsy at all, and that it was a medical condition requiring serious treatment. He knew this, but was so desperate that he was willing to try anything no matter how remote the chances of it helping. Sharon figured that no harm could come from hypnotherapy, and it might serve to just relax him if not help his sleep condition.

When she was describing to me how much he suffers, I felt almost lucky to have the opposite condition of insomnia. Those with narcolepsy can fall asleep immediately — even if driving or doing other dangerous activities. This presents far more danger than frustrating nights tossing and turning in bed. Hopefully, science makes some inroads and gains insight into sleep disorders, insomnia and narcolepsy — many of us truly need the help.


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