The importance of your sleep space

July 3, 2009

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Having a dark bedroom helps you get to sleep and stay a sleep. You should not be able to see anything in your room if you can there is too much light. If you have a clock with lighted numbers cover them with an object or turn it around completely. Anything related to work shouldn’t be allowed in your bedroom. Stop thinking your bedroom is just another room in your home. Start to see your bedroom as a sanctuary from your everyday life. Don’t let anything from work intrude on this refuge your laptops, bills anything that could remind you of work should be placed out of sight and mind.

The Dalai Lama once said ‘Sleep is still the best meditation’.

What you sleep on can be just as important as where you sleep. Your mattress needs to be comfortable and supportive. I think most people fail to realize the importance of a good mattress. You spend a third of your life sleeping so if you were ever going to indulge yourself with major purchase, I think a mattress of high quality is worth a few extra bucks.

I have mentioned where you sleep and what you sleep on this leaves just one more thing to mention. When you sleep, if you wake up early you will fall asleep at a reasonable time. Most people enjoy sleeping in on the weekends. (I will be the first to admit that there is nothing I like more than having the birds wake me up at noon on a Sunday). When Monday rolls around, I spend the entire day dragging butt to the coffee machine several times during the day. Just remember the 4 keys to a good night’s rest

· Dark room

· Soft mattress

· No work related materials

· Develop a sleeping pattern and stick to it

If you want to sleep in on the weekends, be prepared to pay the price come Monday morning.


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