The Vicious Circle of Insomnia Stress

July 30, 2010

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Barnaby here again.  Hopefully I didn’t bore you too much rambling on about my life and my family during my sleepless hours last night.  I’m here at the office now, and I’m beyond tired.  It’s hard to describe the feeling.  I can’t focus, my entire body feels fatigued — which is the way I’ve felt all day everyday since my insomnia suddenly emerged a few weeks ago.  So I’m sitting here staring at blank sheet of paper which should be a fully written proposal which is due by the end of the day.  I won’t bore you with the tedious details of my job, but I’m a consultant specializing in helping firms obtain state contracts.  A relatively lucrative contract is being bid out by one of our core clients, and I was assigned the task of responding to their RFP.  It should be mostly complete — yet I’m not more than 25% done.  Maintaining focus on it is nearly impossible.

I’m on my 5th cup of coffee and it is only just after 10:00am — still, it isn’t helping.  This happened with another project last week, and I was lucky enough to be able to pull it off at the last moment.  However, today I’m scared I won’t be that lucky and it is stressing me out.  Insomnia stress is one of the worst side effects of being unable to sleep, and the stresses which ensue from insomnia only make it more difficult to sleep — hence, a vicious circle.  Not only does the insomnia itself cause me stress — but insomnia stress is exacerbated by additional stress emanating from predicaments caused by the lack of sleep — like my unfinished RFP.

I have 7 hours to get this work done — wish me luck.

Tired and nervous,


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