Update On Using Hypnotherapy To Treat My Sleeping Disorder

October 28, 2010

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Hi CantSleep,

It’s Barnaby checking in with an update on my progress treating my sleeping disorder with hypnotherapy. I’ve previously recounted here at CantSleep my sleep issues going back several months now. I went through all sorts of tests, and no one was able to pinpoint the exact cause of my sleeping disorder. I experienced occasional periods of relief, but inevitably I found myself once again tossing and turning the night away. After quite a few unsuccessful treatments, a kind reader of CantSleep suggested that I try hypnotherapy to address my sleeping disorder. I just had my third session with my therapist Sharon, and I actually think it is beginning to work. Last night, I actually fell asleep on the sofa while watching a movie with my wife — not a strong testament to Letters To Juliet! A movie so bad it can put an insomniac to sleep. Well, I shouldn’t be too harsh — the film wasn’t meant for those of my gender.

So my wife was amazed to see me actually falling asleep that easily, and when she eventually woke me to move to our bed I then fell asleep in rapid order again. She really thinks it is the hypnotherapy, and I am beginning to think (hope) that she is right. I’ve increased my sessions with Sharon (my therapist) to several times a week, and I am really getting hopeful that this treatment proves to be the magic bullet for my sleeping disorder. Sharon warned that it might be a “placebo effect” — but I do not care, just so long as it is working! I’ll keep everyone updated.


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