Upper and downer society

July 7, 2009

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You start your morning with a nice brew of hot coffee. At the office, you may find yourself enjoying another cup of coffee at around 10:30. If you go out for lunch with some co-workers and have lets’ say a rum and coke with your lunch, Around 3 pm you notice that your really starting to find yourself in a slump or crash. The way home you have a red bull or another energy drink or maybe just another coffee. The average person consumes 3 cups of coffee a day. When you add up how much caffeine has been consumed in my mock day at work, it would look like this.

  • Three cups of coffee
  • Glass of cola
  • 1 Red bull / energy drink

That’s just before you get home and have dinner. We have developed into an upper and downer society. We think we need chemicals to get us going and to put us down. We in fact have been trained since grade school ‘when they installed the cola machines’ to be chemical dependant. You may find your hypertension (stress) going through the roof at times so maybe you consult your doctor. He may give you some sleeping pills or anti anxiety medication and this is the downer side.

Uppers and downers with so much of this going on are you surprised when your dentist tells you that you have been grinding your teeth when you sleep and it’s all due to stress. We have lost so many celebrities to our chemical depend society. Heath ledger to Elvis Presley they all died to due a combination of depressants (drugs) and alcohol (increases hypertension upper) and it also doubles as a depressant.

If you take an honest look at your own addictions caffeine, alcohol, sugar, maybe nicotine. You will never look at someone who is addicted to meth or heroin the same way again.

Bill Hanson

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Jackie August 27, 2009 at 4:40 am

Do people actually drink alcohol at lunch while working?


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