What Are the Signs of Clinical Depression?

September 11, 2010

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In a recent post here on CantSleep, I alluded to the fact that I ruled out clinical depression as the cause for my case of insomnia. However, an appreciable percent of those having trouble sleeping do suffer from clinical depression. It is important to know the signs of clinical depression, whether relating to yourself or seen within a loved one. If anyone around you is displaying the signs of clinical depression, it is important that they seek immediate professional help. Left untreated, clinical depression can prove fatal. Signs of clinical depression can include:

– Decreased energy levels and fatigue
– Insomnia
– Loss of interest in work and/or hobbies
– Disinterest in sex
– Sudden temper and irritability
– Sudden change in eating habits including either weight gain or loss
– Persistent thoughts of death
– Minor but chronic aches and pains

If you — or someone you love — is showing the signs of clinical depression, then seeking help can prove to be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, suicide claims the lives of tens of thousands on an annual basis, and proactive treatment could have prevented virtually all of them. Modern treatment for clinical depression is highly effective, and once treated those who suffer from clinical depression can lead normal and happy lives. Hopefully this information can spur someone out there to take the first — and most important — step by recognizing the signs of clinical depression and seeking help.

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